Directions for Consignors

  • All items must be clean and free from stains and odors.  This is not a garage sale.  The appearance of your clothes is what makes them sell and the cleaner and fresher smelling they are, the more likely they are to sell. 
  • You need to pre-price and tag all items. Please make tags out of a FULL 3 x 5 index card and safety pin the tag to the garment’s UPPER RIGHT CORNER (NO straight pins).  Items should be hung on hangers just as it appears in the illustration.   Make sure the hanger looks like a question mark with the tag on the right side.  Pants, shorts, skirts, etc. should be securely pinned to the top of the Hanger or placed on pant hangers.  Click on illustration to see how to use duct tape on a hanger to keep item from slipping.
  • Price items in $.50 increments, (ex. $3.00, $6.50, $9.00, etc.). No other increments will be accepted to ensure speedy check-outs for buyers at the sale. 
  • On your tag, please clearly write the following information in blue or black ink: price, size, a brief description of the item, and your consignor’s number.  Please do not mark over any changes – just make a new tag (See diagram above.)  
  • **HALF PRICE SATURDAY** If you do not want your item to be marked down to 50% off on Saturday, complete your tag in RED ink.  All red ink tags will remain full price for the entire sale.  All blue/black ink tags will be half-price all day Saturday.  Simply writing ND or No Discount will NOT be acceptable.    
  • Sort and organize all clothing by size and gender before packing your items in a large plastic bin  (no tops please) or laundry basket clearly marked with your name and consignor number.  This helps us set up our sale.  We will place all unsold items into your clearly marked bins at the end of the sale.
  • To tag items other than clothing: make a card with the same information as above and secure to item using clear packing tape over the top 1/4 of tag (click on illustration to view larger). 
  • Please include working batteries with all battery-operated  toys and chargers with the appropriate toys. 
  •  To tag shoes: secure them together with the shoelaces, buckles, or zip tie.  Pin tag onto laces, buckle, or zip tie.  NO Ziptop bags unless it is the ONLY way to secure together.  Shoes do not sale well in bags!

  • If clothes are in a set, pin the items together and on the tag, indicate it is a set with the appropriate number of pieces (ex: 3 piece set: dress, hat, shoes) 
  • We will have bargain tables set up for items that are priced $2.00 and under.  Bargain Table items need to be tagged the same as above and folded so the tag is clearly visible.  Limit 15 bargain table items per person.  ALL other clothing items need to be on hangers. 
  • If you are contributing bedding that has several parts, we suggest you lay it out on the floor and photograph it.  Then fold all pieces and place in largest Ziploc bag and attach photograph to outside next to the tag.  This will keep items from being removed from the bag during the sale. 
  • Combine like items to sell as a set.  For example: a bag of 5 hair bows or 2 sleepers pinned together on the same hanger.
  • If you have lots of small toys, combine them together by theme.  For example: a bag of army toys or a bag of Barbie accessories, etc.  Make sure the bag is SECURELY TAPED SHUT!  
  • If a toy has several small pieces, bag the entire toy (if possible) in a large Ziploc big bag and tape shut.  If the toy is too big for a big bag please bag smaller items and tape securely to toy.  We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen parts.