Volunteering to work

As a worker you will be helping to check in products, arrange products on the sales floor, sort clothing, and general help with shoppers during sale hours. It's not hard work but may involve some light lifting. Plus you get to meet people, make a new friend or two, and, of course, have fun in the process.  Of course the biggest incentive is you get to attend the worker and volunteer preview sale on Thursday from 5-6!!  NO shopping will be allowed before the worker preview sale.

We encourage all MOMS members and Consignors to volunteer to work a shift.  A minimum of 3 hours of volunteering is required to be admitted into the workers and volunteers preview sale.  To ensure their safety, children are not allowed on site during your volunteer shift as it can get pretty hectic, limited childcare will be available on Thursday morning.  Contact MOMS to reserve your spot and to sign up to work.  There is a $3.00 per child charge and spots are first come first serve.     

All volunteers will receive a pass to attend the preview sale on Thursday from 5-6, unlike the Consignors and Friends Preview sale your pass is only good for you….no friends or family members will be admitted with you. We prefer no children be brought to the preview sales.  If you must bring your children due to no other childcare options please be responsible for them at all times.   
To sign up to work click here.