Do's and Don'ts

The following is a list of do's (items that are welcome at our consignment) and don'ts (items best left at home).

  • Boys clothing preemie through 14 and Girls clothing preemie through Junior.  
  • Spring & summer Clothing 
  • Shoes which are in excellent condition
  • Baby equipment that is thoroughly cleaned  (strollers, high-chairs, safety gates, bouncy chairs, etc.)
  • Baby Furniture- fully assembled
  • Bedding- infant and juvenile
  • Toys, Books, Games, Children's Videos, and DVD’s
  • Stuffed Animals in like new condition
  • Children's Sports and Video Equipment
  • Battery operated toys with working batteries
  • Dress-Up Items
  • Holiday Fashions

  • Out of Date clothing- It will not sell
  • Fall & winter Clothing
  • Any items that are stained, torn, or extremely worn 
  • Items with missing buttons, zippers, lost parts, etc.
  • Misses and Maternity Clothing
  • Car Seats
  • Underwear (unless new)
  • Battery operated toys without working batteries.
  • Baby dolls without clothing
  • Used pacifiers or bottle nipples
  • Small loose toys (ex. McDonalds toys)  

Any items that fit these unacceptable qualities will not be put out for sale, so please be honest and don’t send them.  A good rule of thumb would be if you would not buy it than others would not either.  If you would like to give these items away as freebies please place in a sack labeled FREE ITEMS.  We will have a FREE table set up for shoppers to rummage through.  Our shoppers LOVE freebies.  Anything left at the close of the sale will be donated.